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There are thousands of cryptocurrencies. Most will allow you to speculate on its value and generate wealth.  Each currency serves some purpose even if the purpose is just to be a currency. has created a cryptocurrency called Vibranium. This currency,  unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple, and other currencies CANNOT be mined. It can still be purchased but not mined.

Mining is the way people can get cryptocurrency without buying it.  Think of it as if you had a coal mine and you took a pickaxe and went into the mine to get some coal. In the digital world you mine for currency by setting computers to do extremely difficult mathematical calculations. When the computers get done (mining), the system kicks out the currency to you.  The problem with this is it takes A LOT of electricity for the computers to do the work.  These coal factory based electrical plants are bad for the environment,  which is why Elon Musk dogged out currencies.

Wakanda Capital found a way around this that will benefit business owners and non profits that focus on social and economic inequality. Instead of allowing Vibranium to be mined, which is easy for people already rich, Wakanda Capital has made it to where you must DO GOOD in order to obtain it.  You have to earn it. Wakanda Capital is looking for businesses as well as non profits who would like to build some wealth but also DO GOOD! Any business who joins the Wakanda Capital Network (100% free) will receive 10,000 Vibranium cryptocurrency,  but that is not the magic. That business owner will receive REDEMPTION CODES from Wakanda Capital that the business owner will give to consumers at their business when they come purchase goods and services at their storefront. The redemption codes can then be redeemed for Vibranium.  The same for non profits who join.  If someone wants Vibranium,  they volunteer at the non profit or provide some resource that the non profit needs.  When done,  the non profit will give the volunteer a redemption code to obtain Vibranium. Unless you just buy it,  you have to go to take your dollars to those small business where your money will do more GOOD in the community than giving it to a big box store, or volunteer at an affiliated non profit and DO GOOD  in order to earn Vibranium.

This allows all of us who missed out on the wealth that Bitcoin created to get the chance to build wealth.  Vibranium does not get released to the world until January 2022 with its Initial Coin Offering (ICO). It’s an opportunity to get in at the beginning where the value is 6 1/2 cents, and spend just a little with the chance to hold and gain wealth over time. In 2011 Bitcoin was $0.07. Now each Bitcoin at its height was over $60,000. If you spent just $200 at the Vibranium ICO in January,  you will receive about 3075 Vibranium.  If ten years later Vibranium only went to $6500 and not $65,000 your $200 grows to $20 million.

It’s time for us to get in at the start.  You can learn how to open a cryptocurrency wallet to put your money in and about the upcoming Vibranium ICO by going to going to or scanning the posted qr code. It’s our opportunity.

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