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BlackFly is a flying car prototype developed by Palo Alto-based startup Opener.

Developers have tested it in 1,000-plus flights and 10,000-plus miles flown.

Opener hopes it will be affordable, costing about the price of an SUV.  Here’s the vehicle’s specs:

It’s 13’x7″ wide, 13’x5″ long, 5ft high

Weighs approximately 313lbs

Can reach speeds of up to 62mph

Includes autonomous features
Battery can be recharged in 25 minutes.  Comes with an optional parachute BlackFly is an ultralight vehicle that consumes less energy than a traditional electric car and is also built to be steathily quiet.

Users don’t need a pilot’s license to operate it, but they must take part in minimal training, including sitting in a simulator for about five minutes.  It’s powered by eight, small electric motors and controlled using a responsive joystick.  Unlike other flying car models, the CEO plans to keep BlackFly affordable, with a price tag near the cost of a traditional SUV.

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