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The first Baby Luvabull in the making: Kanyon Fessler

First of all, how cool is her name!  Kanyon Fessler is a SMART, spunky teen from Pennsylvania and will be our first Baby Luvabull. But we already want to know where she got that Started Island New York accent?!  She gets to be my guinea pig.  Lord help her! Over time we’ll treat her like Steve Austin in the retro TV show – The Six Million Dollar Man – we’re going to rebuild her – better……. hotter…….sexier.  She already is smarter (look at her grades below) so we’ll just put her on the countdown to hotness watch!

Guys, you gotta wait like with Kylie Jenner because Kanyon is still a TEEN!  And even though Kanyon’s momma bear might eat you if you get too close, that’s the least of your worries.  I would tell you that if you got too close to my Baby Luvabull Kanyon that I would crush you like the running of the bulls, but I don’t have to. If you get too close to Baby Luvabull Kanyon she’ll kick your ass! She’s a wrestler! (See images of her in her uniform below).  She’s already making boys cry – they can’t get no booty and she puts them in rear naked chokes where they pass out!!! So hold on to your testosterone until she’s 18 (2 years) unless you just want to get crushed (by me), eaten (by momma), or just put to sleep and humiliated (by Kanyon herself). Now you know why Kanyon Fessler will be our first Baby Luvabull.


Look for more of her in the future.

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