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When it comes to sex us guys have it easy. All we have to really do is show up, pull out “The Bull, and with a little luck, not be the one who is touching and caressing or the whole time. Either way it’s pretty certain the bull is not going back in his pants until we left our load go.

Unfortunately for women it’s not that black and white. Maybe it’s your goal to please her to the point she passes or and then wakes singing your praises to the gods, but if you don’t know what really gets a woman hit, the only reason she passed out is likely out of boredom.

So we asked a bunch of hot girls what common mistakes guys make when it’s time to get busy. Here are the fine things you think get her off but really don’t.


Just because you have some clever goto phrases you want to throw out during sec doesn’t mean she wants to hear those naught adjectives. Some women like it when you talk dirty, but you run the risk of saying one thing wing and you blow the entire mood. Women day guys biggest problem is they get their cues from watching pirn and that is not the best source for bedroom dialogue. Try toning it down if you’re going to talk dirty.


Pitting her in a super Pilates, yoga, circus position that only a contortionist could pull off may seem great and make you feel like the shit, the reality is it’s more likely to blue your chances of her screaming your name, unless it’s too tell your ass to stop. Sex is suppose to be relaxing and passionate.

The number one mistake guys make is thinking that trickier, more advanced positions are the most pleasurable. There is a reason the Kama Sutra has illustrations and not real photos of women in those positions. Try finding out what positions she likes and go hard from there.


You might call them”fun bags” but believe me she is NOT having an once if fun if you’re not handling them the right way. Of you assume that the girls love it when you bounce her tits up and down and squeeze them like you’re running with a football to avoid a tackle, or when you clamp down on her nippled like you’re trying to peel off a wrapper that’s stuck, then wake up before you blow it for real!

Breast sensitivity varies from woman to woman, but no matter what you’re not tuning the radio in your car or trying to open a bag of chips with your teeth. Instead of squeezing them like you’re trying to hold on to a life raft, try a lighten touch and caress.


A lot of guys make the mistake of vigorously rubbing the woman’s clitoris like their trying to erase a dark pencil mark on a piece of paper in an attempt to make her climax faster and more intensify. If it only worked that way.

That technique may help you start a fire on Survivor or Baked and Afraid, it’s not the best move to blue her socks off. Long, medium pressure strokes that are consistent and let’s the orgasm in her build is likely a better solution. Only then can you speed up and go harder to insight l intensify it. There’s a reason the clit starts to hide as she nears climax.

You can’t touch her in the same way you touch yourself. Hard and fast with a constant brat down doesn’t normally work. There’s always exceptions but it’s not the rule. The wrong type of stimulation can leave her sore, sensitive or worse — BORED! So try a softer, smoother touch.


No matter how big your “bull” is, there’s not a guy out there who doesn’t wish once in a while he had a little more — thinking it would give the ladies an even better ride. I’m even guilty of it thinking that if I could go from 9 3/4 inches to 10 3/4 inches it would be that much better. I did think that until I said it out loud and the girl I was saying slapped me.

Most guys equate a bigger “bull” with being a better lover and it’s just not true. It’s not to say that size doesn’t play a factor, but to be hung like a real bull is not necessary.

The only time size matters is in the extreme. The average guy is under 6 inches and the vaginal canal is about 5 inches so unless you’re under 5 you should be okay. Do funny get hung up on size and forget what the true objective is—- to please her.

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